Industrial Sewing Thread / Bag Closing

Bag Closing Sewing Thread

paper bag closing sewing machine

High speed, knotless Champion Bag Closing Threads are made from the highest quality materials and under stringent manufacturing protocols to deliver the highest quality multi-wall paper bag closing thread in the market today. Our proprietary FDA approved lubricant has been thoroughly tested and is the industry standard. With these high quality raw materials and strict attention to detail, Champion Bag Closing thread ensures that your operation will run at optimal efficiency.

Sewing Thread Nominal Specifications
100% Spun Polyester SP5 SP4 Poly/Cotton Blend PC5 PC4
Single End Break (lbs) 23.1 17.4 Single End Break (lbs) 16.5 13.2
Yield Feet/Lb (Dry) 6048 7250 Yield Feet/Lb (Dry) 6048 7250

Sewing Thread Put-Ups and Packaging
Put-up 1.5 lb KS 8 Oz Cone 2.5 lb Cone 5 Lb Cone 20 Lb Cone
Cones/Case 24 32 18 9 2
Net lbs/Case 36 16 45 45 40
Cases/Pallet 16 64 16 20 32
Net lbs/Pallet 576 1024 720 900 1280

*Full range of specialty winding and packaging available upon request
*All weights are approximate and can vary

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