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Industrial Sewing Threads

Champion Thread provides a wide range of industry-proven sewing threads at competitive prices. We use only the finest raw materials in the production of our threads and our proprietary lubrication solutions translate into excellent sewing performance. Our finished threads are thoroughly tested for strength and sewability.

polyester fabric polyester thread

Polyester Sewing Thread

Polyester is the most versatile choice for general industrial sewing. It is commonly used in apparel, bedding, filters, awnings, patio furniture, upholstery and many other applications. It has the strength of nylon, a good drape, and superior UV and mildew resistance. Learn more

fire fighters in turnout gear

Flame Retardant (FR)

FR threads are used for turnout gear, military, and other high demand applications where flame or heat resistance are required. Our FR threads are made from Dupont Nomex• and Kevlar• fibers to provide the ultimate in protection, durability, and mobility. Learn more

camouflage fabric for military uniforms

Nylon Sewing Thread

Nylon thread is excellent for sewing fabrics, heavy-duty clothing, curtains, upholstery, leather, canvas and vinyl. Nylon thread is economical, exceptionally strong, abrasion resistant and extremely easy to use.

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cotton growing in cotton field

Cotton Sewing Thread

Cotton thread is an excellent choice for sewing garment dyed articles or where very high needle heats are generated. We use only 100% Egyptian cotton in all of our Cotton threads to ensure excellent sewing performance.

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multi-wall paper bag sewn across top with white thread

Bag Closing Thread

High speed knotless sewing threads for agricultural, food, and other multi-wall paper bag closing applications. Made from the highest quality materials under stringent manufacturing protocols with our proprietary lubricant.

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