Engineered/ Specialty Yarns

Champion Thread has solid, industry-proven expertise in producing custom and specialty yarns that deliver maximum performance in the most demanding conditions. Our yarns are made on modern state of the art custom equipment and proprietary processes that have been fine-tuned over our many years of industry service.

production of white cones of engineered yarns

Engineered Yarns

Champion Thread is an innovative developer of engineered yarns to meet a wide range of customer needs and custom applications. We develop and offer a wide selection of customer-specific engineered and specialty yarns and packaging solutions. Learn more

cones of selvage yarns

Selvage Yarns

Champion Thread offers multiple yarn combinations (polyester, nylon, polypropylene, cotton, and more), as well as multiple constructions that include air jet texturing, ring spinning, fully drawn flat twisted and cabled yarns.
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close-up of grey leno yarns

Leno Yarns

Our multiple fiber types, flexible package sizes, and state of the art precision winding also delivers leno yarns with consistent let-off tension and highly dense packages that minimize change overs and increase run time.
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multiple colors of braider yarns on cones

Braider Yarns

Our braider yarns are produced from multiple fibers and offered in a range of packages, including precision wound single end up, multiple end up, double tapered, and multiple component.

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electrical wiring wrapped with wax cable ties

Lacing Twine/Cord

As a cost-effective alternative to plastic cable ties, cabled or twisted polyester, waxed lacing cord is perfect for a wide range of indoor/outdoor telecom and electrical cable installations and other applications.
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